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Why You Must Experience Petra Tours At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Indeed, some of the destinations are more prized than the others. As an avid traveler, you will not like missing out on those. So long, you might have heard stories, read travelogues or seen movies about the must-visit destinations. But now that you are all set to see and experience things for yourself, you must be charged up and excited. It is one thing to have a second-hand experience, but yet another to see and feel things for you. After visiting the world heritage destination, that finds itself juxtaposed between both the seas, you will realize why the Hellenistic epicenter is so special to visit and explore.

Unique for its carved features

As you undertake the Petra tours, you will find yourself transported into another world. The historically significant archaeological destination is famous for its rock carvings. The proverbially popular Rose City is supposed to have been carved out of the rose-colored rock. While some of the structures have been made by man, the city fascinates visitors and tourists with its red rock curved constructions. The UNESCO makes it a point to impeccably preserve features which have been carved out of the red and rosy rock, way back in the ancient past.

Tours To Petra

Tours To Petra~ Mantis Tour

Taking guide is advantageous

It is once in a lifetime experience to explore the Treasury that finds itself located in the well-known canyon. The Petra Tours provided by the Mantis Tours, are supported by the well-informed guides. So, even if you are visiting the archaeological destination, for the very first time, you will not lose out on the relevant pieces of information. You may be making your way through the Roman ruins, or having an exciting time climbing up the massive monastery, all along your journey; you will be guided and supported by the professional guides.

Glimpse into the significance

You have the option to explore the ends and alleys of this spectacular place, by yourself. But then, you will not understand the legendary significance of each and every rock carving. As you travel along the Siq and find yourself in the Archeological Park, you should not only see the splendor that had contributed to the making of the elaborately carved archways but also glimpses into the history that lies behind. It is here that having the support of a trained guide makes a big difference. You can have an enjoyable time and an enriching experience reminiscing and recounting the historical significance of this ancient city.

Ancient temple of Petra, Jordan

The Treasury In Petra Jordan~ Mantis Tour

Ride hike cook and enjoy

If you are fond of riding, you will have a whale of a time riding horses, camels, and even donkeys. You will find Bedouins accompanied by their animals, waiting to help the tired travelers. In fact, as you travel from the Siq to the Grand Canyon, you can hire a horse so that you don’t have to walk all the way down to the point where the Treasury is located. If you have three to four hours to spare, and if you are adventurous, you won’t mind hiking your way through the trail.  In the eateries and restaurants, you can discover your flair for cooking. That’s because these joints give you the opportunity to try out your culinary skill. You get the necessary guidance to toss up a typical Jordanian platter.

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Petra Tours: Enjoy a wonderful and amazing holiday in the city of Petra

The different faces of Earth host numerous exciting and majestic places, cities and countries that are unique in them and worth a visit for everyone. If you are planning Petra tours then it is vital for you to decide in advanced and think what all you have to do to make sure that you going to have a wonderful and amazing holiday. A good planning is the key to enjoy your trip without any hassles. If you are going on a vacation via Petra tours then you are halfway done to exciting days ahead. The city of Petra is picturesque and beautiful in every way be it their structures, their weather, the crowd, the affordability, the food or everything!


On your tour to Petra, you can enjoy the beautiful monasteries, the Dead Sea, the architectural marvels etc. However before you embark on your tour to Petra city of Jordan, you must essentially know what all you will need to make successful trip. The primary thing you will need is to make an advance booking with some reputed tours and travellers. You must also keep in consideration the dates and timing of your tour as some months of the year are ideal for visit including March to May and October.

On your tour, you can go for hiking on the Mount of Aaron which is one of the highest peaks of the world and will certainly give you the unforgettable experience. You can also go on a trekking tour through High Place of Sacrifice. You must ensure to take some time out and go for a visit on road or Dead Sea that are the highlights of Petra. A cold splash in Dead Sea is another attraction as you can float in water no matter how much you try to sink into it. Jordan and Petra- the Red Rose city have been on wish list for many for long time but lack of knowledge about the place and several misconceptions about the place hinders their plans.

The place is full of excitement prospects for visiting the lowest point and places on Earth including the Dead Sea, the jewel of Jordan’s crown, the intriguing kingdom depicting history, the magical pillars are all you will get to see in front of your eyes. The sheer space, the vast construction and engineering scale and the various hues of pink colour are breath taking, leaving you spell bound. Petra is spectacular in day time but at nights it transforms itself into a new personality altogether. The treasure is one of the most exciting places that must be once discovered and visited at night as you will find thousands of candles lighten up on your way, people talking in hushing voice and a flautist playing haunting music to complement the scene.

Plan your holiday from today and make booking for your Petra tours. Making an advanced booking with some reliable services like Mantis Tours that take you on a throwback to the past is the best way to start up!