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Travel To The Holiest City In The World

Jerusalem is considered to be one of the holiest cities in the whole world. Millions of tourists across the globe visit Jerusalem as a pilgrimage site. This city is considered holy by three religious communities -Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Apart from the religious sentiments that are associated with this city, it attracts people for its excitement and extraordinary tours. There are locations which are historically very significant Apart from these the city also offers other attractions which make it so endearing for the visitors. You will love to walk through the city and witness the regular lifestyle of so ancient a place.

Jerusalem is also one of the most ancient cities in the world. This city is also known as the city of Gold. You will find the unusual co-existence of the age of the twenty-first century along with the ancient age cultures. You will find old-fashioned houses on one side and high rise buildings on the other. This amazing coexistence of tradition and modernity should propel you to undertake tours to Jerusalem, the unfailing destination in the tourism industry. The old city of Jerusalem has been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Special care is given for the maintenance of this site.Visit an exquisite Heritage site

Major attractions of Jerusalem

Jerusalem had two sections-the old city and the new city. Visitors come with the attraction of visiting the old city. It houses 4 different commodities – Christians, Armenians, Jews and Muslim. Every part of the city has its feature. Among the religious sites is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre for the Catholics, the place where Jesus Christ is believed to have been crucified. This place is very important for the Christians. An exquisite piece of architecture the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount is a beautiful Islamic variety of construction. At the Mount of There is a huge cemetery. Adjoining the area is Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus spent the night before crucification praying.

Get a good travel operator

Apart from watching the best holy places, tour operators like, will take you through the city in your tours to Jerusalem, by which you can grasp the pulse of the city. The weather here is moderate type and is conducive for visit of tourists throughout the year. But the best time to travel is March-April and October-November. You find the rates cheaper too. The travel operators have tour packages among which you can pick up as per your budget and time that you would be able to devote. The major destinations in the city will be covered in a maximum of two days.

Do not miss out the largest pilgrim site

If you are at Jordan and are visiting Petra and can take some more time out, do not go back before seeing Jerusalem which is just around 162 km away. Visiting a place like Jerusalem will be an astoundingly memorable event for you. Just don’t forget to capture special moments on your lens as you go on to travel in the city.

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The Finest Time for a Tour to Jerusalem

The finest time for visiting Jerusalem is through its spring and autumn periods, which are from March to May and from the end of end September to the early stages of November.

The best times for embarking on a trip to this city

Spring season in this city features temperate weather, little rainfall, understandable skies and a budding landscape. The regular highest temperatures throughout these months stay in the premature 20’s and a slight escalation is experienced in May with temperatures rising to around 26 – 28 degrees Celsius. Autumn months are also considered to be a supreme time for a visit to Jerusalem, with the weather during such months being pleasing and temperate during the day time while it gets somewhat color after darkness sets in.

Summer season occurs here from June through to the early stages September. During these months temperatures go high and go up the premature 30 degrees Celsius along, with no rainfall and strong sun. In spite of the balmier temperatures, because of holidays about Europe, US and additional regions, visitors are inclined to flock en route for Jerusalem throughout these months and thus they are a peak sightseer season. Consequently even though being a grand time for a tour to Jerusalem those wanting to pass up the peak summer mob should avoid these months.

Winter season here continues from, mid-November through to the early parts of March and during this time it is cold, rainy and stormy. January happens to be the coolest month in a year and records a maximum standard of between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius. During this time least temperatures even go down to sub-zero point on a number of days. The utmost rainfall also occurs during such months with a sporadic snowfall not being entirely uncommon. As a result of these rather severe conditions this time is considered to be off-peak period for a tour to this city.

The characteristics of this city

However all those who visit this metropolis visit a holy land, a metropolis that has been busy and booming for more than 5000 years now. Exclusive to this place is it being regarded as a consecrated city by Jews, Christians and Muslims. This is the Holy metropolis of the World. While on your visit to this city you get to stand on an antique ground and experience a soul-rewarding pilgrimage. This city in spite of having developed retains its spirit, the ancient city, with the key attractions lying, which is what you are going to find out on opting for mantis-tours- tour to Jerusalem.

What you see on a trip to this city organized by mantis-tours

Among the finest ways of commencing your one day trip to this city with essence and holiness is to witness during the morning hours from atop Mount of Olives. The tours to this city arranged by mantis-tours have a universal itinerary where you are going to be taken to the heart of this old city. You will first be taken to the unrivaled Mary Magdalena church, Holy Sepulcher church and the Nations church. Just outer of Dung Gate you are likely to spot historical objects that are believed to have been there since David ruled.

You will also be taken to the Lions Gate and the Zion Gate. Jerusalem is basically a place where several cultures come together and this will be apparent to you when you are taken to the Armenian Jewish, and Turkish quarters among others.

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Visit Petra and Ride a White Arab Horse

There are several local tours operators and among them is Mantis Tours. This is situated in Eilat and has a branch in Amman. This company is specialized in trips to Jordan, to Petra and to Wadi Rum.

The trips to these cities that we provide are certainly the finest option that you are able to make the several testimonials of our clients are proof of this.

What makes mantis tours stand out?

Our distinctiveness lies in the high degree of individual service that we present to our patrons, and the watchful attention to every little detail that makes a Petra Wadi Rum trip to perfect one and a grand experience. Our specialized delegate in Eilat, is going to pick you from where you are staying and present you seasonal fruits as a present and our specialized delegate in Jordan would be waiting for at the way in to the border and guide you to your specialized trip guide. After this you will go on the cautiously planned petra schedule that includes food and refreshments at premium restaurants and camps. Finally our Eilat representative will guide you back to where you have put after once the trip is over.

No visit petra is full without a visit to Wadi Rum, which is acknowledged for its astoundingly stunning country sides. You will be taken to Jabal Rum Bedouin campsite, which is among the greatest and finest Bedouin campsites in this city. You’re going to enjoy a hospitable juice, and an awfully tasty unique Bedouin dinner cooked underneath the sand. The best part of  such a tour organized by mantis tours is the daily night presentation in Jabal Rum camp. You can be certain for having gala time at this show! In Jabal Rum you will be staying in a contemporary tent having real beds and fresh sheets. The best part is that our staff is very welcoming. You are going to end your excursion with a safari in a jeep in the gorgeous landscapes that Wadi Rum has. By inserting a Wadi Rum excursion to your mantis-tours-Petra trip you get the finest returns on your investment.

You are invited to choose and reserve with us the finest excursion to these cities that fits you the most from the extensive diversity such tours that we provide. You are more than welcome to get in touch with us if you have any queries that you would like getting answered. Our squad of professionals is all set to help you out online, via email, chat and phone. You can also get in touch with us on Viber and WhatsUp.

Riding on a White Arab Horse in Jordan

A White Arab Horse ride in Jordan is what many visitors dream of. You will get this chance on our Two day visit to these cities starting from Eilat

On this trip you will be:

  • Picked from your Eilat hotel
  • Transferred to Petra
  • Provided with complimentary water while on the bus
  • Taken to Wadi Rum Viewpoints starting from the main thoroughfare
  • Let into Petra
  • Get the chance of riding atop a White Arab Horse for the initial 600 meters of this route
  • Taken on Extended guided excursion in Petra
  • Given Lunch at a advanced authentic eatery in this city
  • Transferred to Wadi Rum
  • Accommodated at any of the premium Bedouin camps in this place
  • And more

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Petra travel is a must for those taking a trip to the Middle East

In contrast to what most people believe, and shocking media accounts, here is much more to Middle East than war, catastrophe and debate. This region is the place of a number of the most natural and artistic marvels, and a rich legacy of very old societies. It is slightly unlucky that the times that have just gone by and the off-putting propaganda have made it look as if the whole of Middle East is beyond the reach of tourists. However that’s a legend. It is certain that there’re a number of problem regions. However they are definitely outnumbered by the numerous gorgeous and perfectly secure places that one must not miss out on.

Among the places that one could make a trip to in this part of the world is Jordan.


This is a city with a very affluent heritage and gravestones of historic implication.  The economy of this country is heavily dependent on returns that come from sightseeing and travel. This is the reason why the government puts in a lot of efforts in maintaining the safety and in ensuring an agreeable atmosphere for tourists and visitors. Ma’an is a city that is to the South of Amman, the capital city and this is also where you will find Petra, which is among the Seven Wonders. Millions of visitors flock to this city year after year, contributing mainly to the inflow of visitors to Jordan.

The place that is a must see

Petra travel is a must for all those visiting Jordan. This is a primordial Greek city that has been carved into crimson stone. This is a historical wealth that is undeniably something that one should see at least on one occasion during his/her lifetime. One must visit this city for having a look at the intricate structural design, pioneering network of transport and water and also the highly urbanized empire from a very old time.

If you are seeking for a travel and tourism corporation of good reputation you can contact Mantis Tours directly. Mantis-tours- petra travel is among the best that you can get due to the diverse sorts Petra trip packages that they offer. You are also able to look up their website and also check their client review page to find out more about the tour packages that they offer. They also present custom-made packages that fit your budget. They have been in this business for several years and thus can offer you better service than what many other companies.

The best way of visiting this city is by taking a flight to from Amman airdrome. Those who wish reducing the cost have the option of taking a taxi or any other form of transportation from a plane terminal. If you do so you will not reach the place in less than 4 hours. All those visiting this city for the very first time would do well by booking a travel association like Mantis Tours.

Middle East is beset with ancient monuments, history and culture. Besides some parts that should be avoided this part of the world is exceedingly recommended for unforgettable, if wacky, holidays. Thus do not hesitate in making the jump and exploring the intact exquisiteness of this region.

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Tour Petra: Historical, Cultural and Mysterious journey

None can ever imagine of a city back in the 6th century which resembled the modern trade centres. Yes this is true. This magnificent city of the Middle Eastern region of the world gives the essence of a civilisation formed in ancient period. Research work done in recent times proves that this city used to enjoy all those facilities back then which we enjoy now and some are still dreaming.

The red rose city – an architectural paradise

The red colours of the stone earned the nickname of “Red Rose” for this ancient city. Most of the architectural evidences found in this city are made with these red stones, from palaces to monuments. It was the capital of the Nabataea kingdom which had pre-dominance over the region for a very long time. The city was very much prosperous. The people used to lead a grand lifestyle. This give evidences that it was important centre of trade and trade from there actually flourished.

Travellers from every parts of the world come to visit this place and in the year 2007, UNESCO has also declared this place as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Many celebrities in their articles have also mentioned this place as a place to see before a man dies.

Fame lost and regained

This place has also got a painful history besides its glorious past. The city has once withstood a massive earthquake which ruined al its elegance and has also ruined the drainage system. Gradually this place lost its glory an inhabitants move out from there during the end of AD 1200. It was through a Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt the city again gained its lost fame in 1812. Since then many research works were carried out in this region and many excavation work started.

Tourists’ paradise

Travellers from various places around the world have shown interest in visiting this city. Restoration work took some time and now the city is completely open for tourist from all over the world. Mantis-tour petra is one of the best tour service available from Jordan. This tour agency conducts tour Petra in the most elegant manner compared to other local tourist companies of Jordan.

There always arises a query in mind that why this company is the best. This company has proved their work ethics and earned the fame. They focus on every segment and perform gracefully. They arrange the best vehicle available in Jordan for the tourists with AC facilities in each of them. They provide the tourist best hotels in Jordan along with the best foods from the restaurants. They also provide the best alternative when any traveller wants to stay in the tents. Bedouins dinners are must in their list. A single day tour to Petra becomes hectic for the tourist as it’s a whole day program. Travellers often opt for the two day programs and additional sites are also covered in their programs. They always request to keep the visa and passport with the travellers as this makes the more smooth to operate.

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Book tours to Jerusalem and Bethlehem by Mantis Tour

People generally get scared when they come to know about a visit to Israel. It has been more than 1500 year different religious communities have fought for this holy piece of land. Political turmoil has also destroyed the harmony of the place. Tourists are never targeted by the terrorists. There are breathtaking monuments from the World War II memorial to biblical ruins.


Prior to Columbus, Jerusalem was considered as the center of the world. Jerusalem is the place for long standing war between three great religions. The city thus has been destroyed several times and was again rebuilt. This is a place for more than 30000 inhabitants. The place has a long Ottoman wall of 2 mile length. During the visit to this region travellers found that the place is prone to endless struggles. The city is divided into four sectors – Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim. But the glory and fanatics of the city does not lie within the old walls. Beyond these walls lies Jewish neighborhood Mea She’arim. The religious scene is a bit complicated for the tourist depending on their religion. Generally the Christians have a more indulgence for the Jesus tomb, on the other hand the Catholics prefer the Holy Sepulchre. The holy church of Sepulchre is situated on the summit of Golgotha, a place where Jesus Christ was crucified. Different types of religious communities run chapels like the Greeks, Armenians, etc. So, getting your hands on the best package of tours to Jerusalem is a must for all globe trekkers.


While walking through the walls of Jerusalem to Bethlehem, the tourists just need a passport. This is the place where Jesus was born. When tourists arrive here they find that Bethlehem has turned into a proper and leading city of Palestine. This town does not look pretty as the town is totally under the cover of security. This city has got a special force of energy and is mostly cool during the dusks. There is a colorful Arabian market. Though this is a pure Arabian city yet there is mix of Muslim and Christian culture. The Muslims consider Jesus as a prophet and Mother Mary is also very much respected. In Quran there is a special chapter written on them. The terrorists have also made their presence in this part of the word. But beside these controversies mantis-tours-tours to Jerusalem is always worthy.

The Tour

The tour company generally starts its tour by providing a splendid view of Temple Mount at the city of Jerusalem. Generally after completing the visit the tourists head towards the Kidron Valley for the view of this majestic Mount of Olives. There is also a church of all nations. To access the old city the tourist has to go through the Gate of Zion, passing by the Armenian quarters near the Byzantine Cardo. Afterwards the tourists continue through this Jewish Quarter. During the entire tour we come across the Christian Quarter alongside the Via Dolorosa, the Stations of the Cross and the church of the holy Sepulcher. After paying a visit to the Muslim market in the Muslim quarter the tourists head towards Bethlehem. Covering the Bethlehem the tourists returns back to the hotels.

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Book a Tours & Enjoy the Desert Adventures to Petra and Wadi Rum

A visit to Petra will never be complete if you do not stop for visiting the place Wadi Rum, best known for is gorgeous and exquisite landscapes. The tour operator will head you out to Jabal Rum Bedouin camping site, the best and biggest Bedouin camp of the place. The unique feature of the place is the welcoming drink and the delicious dinner which will be baked under the yellow sand (Zarb). The most significant feature of this tour is the night show hosted at the Jabal Rum camping grounds. The accommodation facility in the Jabal Rum will be arranged in modern tents with all the amenities. The beds provided within the tent are elegant and above all, most importantly – the trip guides are very friend like and have high command over various foreign languages. The tour generally ends with a ride jeep safari along the nature reserves of the place.

Making a selection of best tour operator is a must

Mantis Tours- Petra and Wadi Rum has a very high level of individual services that they offer and they never miss any minute details. They will never give you chance to complain on anything. This unique strategy of the tour operator makes the Petra and Wadi Rum tour a perfect and a wonderful experience. The tour operator provides a very attractive and unique rate in every sector ranging from hotels, domestic air fares, vehicles, food and even in the visa registration segments.

The official representatives will pick the tourists from Eilat and they will provide the best fruit of the seasons as a gift. The professional representative team waits in Jordan and they take the tourist for the guided tour. They take the tourist to the best restaurants and camps and they take a vital care in following the entire planned tour itinerary previously proposed to the tourist.

Professional skill of the travel agency

The tour offered by this travel agency is one of the best available options for every tourist. The main specialty of this agency is their method of conducting wonderful tours and previous experiences in this field. A booking with this travel agency will help you to keep yourself hassle free as the have professionals in every fields who generally deals with the documentation purposes and don’t make you worried.

The vehicles facilities

This tour operator deals the best in organizing Petra trips. This travel agency never makes huge groups. They generally prefer small sized group as it don’t look like a crowd. Trips are sent on daily basis. The vehicles are provided along with drivers who communicate in Bedouin English language. All the vehicles used by this agency for taking trips are air-conditioned as they use the service of top bus company of Jordan to offer best comfort during the tour.

Important notice

From 1st January 2016, it is mandatory for each traveller travelling to Jordan from Israel to make their visa well before time.This travel agency provides the cheapest rate and makes your tour economical. They also take care in arranging your visas within 2-3 day time at a very cheap rate.

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