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Why You Must Experience Petra Tours At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Indeed, some of the destinations are more prized than the others. As an avid traveler, you will not like missing out on those. So long, you might have heard stories, read travelogues or seen movies about the must-visit destinations. But now that you are all set to see and experience things for yourself, you must be charged up and excited. It is one thing to have a second-hand experience, but yet another to see and feel things for you. After visiting the world heritage destination, that finds itself juxtaposed between both the seas, you will realize why the Hellenistic epicenter is so special to visit and explore.

Unique for its carved features

As you undertake the Petra tours, you will find yourself transported into another world. The historically significant archaeological destination is famous for its rock carvings. The proverbially popular Rose City is supposed to have been carved out of the rose-colored rock. While some of the structures have been made by man, the city fascinates visitors and tourists with its red rock curved constructions. The UNESCO makes it a point to impeccably preserve features which have been carved out of the red and rosy rock, way back in the ancient past.

Tours To Petra

Tours To Petra~ Mantis Tour

Taking guide is advantageous

It is once in a lifetime experience to explore the Treasury that finds itself located in the well-known canyon. The Petra Tours provided by the Mantis Tours, are supported by the well-informed guides. So, even if you are visiting the archaeological destination, for the very first time, you will not lose out on the relevant pieces of information. You may be making your way through the Roman ruins, or having an exciting time climbing up the massive monastery, all along your journey; you will be guided and supported by the professional guides.

Glimpse into the significance

You have the option to explore the ends and alleys of this spectacular place, by yourself. But then, you will not understand the legendary significance of each and every rock carving. As you travel along the Siq and find yourself in the Archeological Park, you should not only see the splendor that had contributed to the making of the elaborately carved archways but also glimpses into the history that lies behind. It is here that having the support of a trained guide makes a big difference. You can have an enjoyable time and an enriching experience reminiscing and recounting the historical significance of this ancient city.

Ancient temple of Petra, Jordan

The Treasury In Petra Jordan~ Mantis Tour

Ride hike cook and enjoy

If you are fond of riding, you will have a whale of a time riding horses, camels, and even donkeys. You will find Bedouins accompanied by their animals, waiting to help the tired travelers. In fact, as you travel from the Siq to the Grand Canyon, you can hire a horse so that you don’t have to walk all the way down to the point where the Treasury is located. If you have three to four hours to spare, and if you are adventurous, you won’t mind hiking your way through the trail.  In the eateries and restaurants, you can discover your flair for cooking. That’s because these joints give you the opportunity to try out your culinary skill. You get the necessary guidance to toss up a typical Jordanian platter.

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Book tours to Jerusalem and Bethlehem by Mantis Tour

People generally get scared when they come to know about a visit to Israel. It has been more than 1500 year different religious communities have fought for this holy piece of land. Political turmoil has also destroyed the harmony of the place. Tourists are never targeted by the terrorists. There are breathtaking monuments from the World War II memorial to biblical ruins.


Prior to Columbus, Jerusalem was considered as the center of the world. Jerusalem is the place for long standing war between three great religions. The city thus has been destroyed several times and was again rebuilt. This is a place for more than 30000 inhabitants. The place has a long Ottoman wall of 2 mile length. During the visit to this region travellers found that the place is prone to endless struggles. The city is divided into four sectors – Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim. But the glory and fanatics of the city does not lie within the old walls. Beyond these walls lies Jewish neighborhood Mea She’arim. The religious scene is a bit complicated for the tourist depending on their religion. Generally the Christians have a more indulgence for the Jesus tomb, on the other hand the Catholics prefer the Holy Sepulchre. The holy church of Sepulchre is situated on the summit of Golgotha, a place where Jesus Christ was crucified. Different types of religious communities run chapels like the Greeks, Armenians, etc. So, getting your hands on the best package of tours to Jerusalem is a must for all globe trekkers.


While walking through the walls of Jerusalem to Bethlehem, the tourists just need a passport. This is the place where Jesus was born. When tourists arrive here they find that Bethlehem has turned into a proper and leading city of Palestine. This town does not look pretty as the town is totally under the cover of security. This city has got a special force of energy and is mostly cool during the dusks. There is a colorful Arabian market. Though this is a pure Arabian city yet there is mix of Muslim and Christian culture. The Muslims consider Jesus as a prophet and Mother Mary is also very much respected. In Quran there is a special chapter written on them. The terrorists have also made their presence in this part of the word. But beside these controversies mantis-tours-tours to Jerusalem is always worthy.

The Tour

The tour company generally starts its tour by providing a splendid view of Temple Mount at the city of Jerusalem. Generally after completing the visit the tourists head towards the Kidron Valley for the view of this majestic Mount of Olives. There is also a church of all nations. To access the old city the tourist has to go through the Gate of Zion, passing by the Armenian quarters near the Byzantine Cardo. Afterwards the tourists continue through this Jewish Quarter. During the entire tour we come across the Christian Quarter alongside the Via Dolorosa, the Stations of the Cross and the church of the holy Sepulcher. After paying a visit to the Muslim market in the Muslim quarter the tourists head towards Bethlehem. Covering the Bethlehem the tourists returns back to the hotels.

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Get the best trip organiser for your Petra Wadi Rum visit

Petra Wadi was a beautiful ancient city in a valley that as was destroyed by natural and political forces. Very recently in the year 2007 Petra was declared as one of the Seven Wonders of the World by the UNESCO.

Even after going through various devastations the ancient city has been able to retain major parts of its architectural masterpieces. The relics and majestic palaces and hallways depict the glory of the ancient city of Petra Wadi.

Petra which was the capital of the Nabataea kingdom of Jordan was a prosperous trade centre during the 6th BC. In AD 663 an earthquake destroyed life, property and the city’s water system and even later after the conquest of Saladin in 1189 Petra got abandoned by its residents. The ancient city which was also called the rose red city due to the color of the stones with which it is constructed got discovered by the Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt in the year 1812. Since that time Petra has again come into the attention of the world and every year thousands of tourists and historians visit that place.

River canyon of Wadi Mujib in amazing golden light colors. Wadi Mujib is located in area of Dead Sea in Jordan

Trip mandates to Petra:

Various trip organisers conduct day tours to Petra Wadi Rum from the neighbouring cities like Jordan and Eilate. Always carry your passport since it is required while buying the tickets. The tickets to get inside the premise of the Petra city costs $ 127 however this is for the day tourists to Jordan i.e. the ones who will spend the night at Jordan after getting back from Petra. The overnight tourists and cruise riders pay $ 70 for a day’s access inside Petra. For two or three days’ visit it will become lesser actually.

However on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday there are special night safaris at Petra which only costs 17 JD. The safari starts from 8: 30 where the guides will light up candles all the way up to the treasury. Covering the ancient in one day will require you to give time from dawn to dusk so it is better to split the trip in two days where the ticket cost also becomes less.

Trip organisers to Petra Wadi:

If you are a tourist then it is better to go in groups or with trip organisers who arrange for everything from the transport to the food and recreation. Mantis Tours- Petra Wadi Rum trip will cost $ 185 for adults and $ 85 for children below 12 years. They arrange for comfortable AC buses that will pick you from your hotel and again drop you there after the visit. The buses have drinking water arrangements along with that they organise horse rides and lunch at a premium restaurant during your trip to the ancient city.

Be sure to enjoy the trip to Petra with a trip conductor who will take care of all the itinerary arrangements as well as guides to give you important historical information about the newly declared Wonder of the World.

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Things to Know before commencing on tours to Petra

When you select a historical site as your vacation destination then sure you have made your ground work. But at times we stumble upon a very important place while roaming around a country and get amused by the historical significance that it holds that you never cared to know before getting there.

Background and History:

Petra is one such city that was declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO in the year 2007 for its historical significance and magnificent architectures. Though most of the architectural masterpieces have transformed into ruins after Petra got hit by a devastating earthquake, there are still some majestic buildings like the treasury that depicts the larger than life manner of living and level of prosperity enjoyed by the people of Petra. During the 6th century BC when the city was the capital of the Nabataea kingdom Petra was an important centre for trade and commerce.

The Treasury. Ancient city of Petra carved out of the rock, Jordan

Petra was also known as the rose red city for the color of the stones by which the city had been constructed. However all of Petra’s grandeur and success got destroyed for a devastating earthquake at around AD 663 that damaged its water system, human life and major buildings. Soon the inhabitants abandoned this place and it started getting fader in the history of mankind after the invasion of Saladin at 1189.

However in 1812 Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt dressed as an Arab scholar discovered this city which was under the Bedouins then. After he the world know about this ancient city more research and excavation followed suit and later it became open for tourists’ visit.  Petra also got prominence after it became the backdrop for one of the Indiana Jones movies by Steven Spielberg.

Trip organisers to Petra:

Tours to Petra are conducted from the conducted from the nearby cities like Jordan and Eilate.

The entry fee for one day into the city is $ 127 whereas the overnight tourists and cruise riders pay $ 70 for a day’s access inside Petra. However on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday there are special night safaris at Petra which only costs 17 JD. The safari starts from 8: 30 where the guides will light up candles all the way up to the treasury.

Reliable trip conductors to Petra

You can opt for trip organisers who will pick you from your hotel and after the whole day again drop you back. Mantis Tours- Tours to Petra provide comfortable AC buses with drinking water facilities for the trip; they also arrange for horse rides, border permits and lunch at a premium restaurant during the visit. The charge for every adult traveller is $ 185 and for kids below 12 years it is $ 85. Carry your passport during your visit to Petra as it might be required while buying your tickets.

Petra is one of the must see places in the world not because it being one of the Seven Wonders but because of its grandeur and beauty being an ancient city.


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Explore the spectacular desert valley on Jordan Petra tour

There’re several tour operators who organize Jordan Petra tours staring from Israel and one of the finest among them is However one must be very cautious when making a reservation of Petra tours online and for double checking the credentials of the tour operators. is never going to compromise on your tour quality.


The Petra tours of a day from Eilat of this operator remain the finest option for those visiting Petra from Israel. However with the rise in entry fees to Petra for day trips an increasing number of clients have started joining the tour of two days of this tour operator.  The two day tour that is the most demanded for is its Petra & Wadi Rum excursion from Eilat. This is a tour that has been running on a daily basis for more than a few years and it continues being massively popular with most visitors. The additional 2 Day Petra trips of this tour operator are focused exclusively on Petra & cover its trendiest attractions. Trips of Petra from Eilat of a couple of days have always been the superior option and they’ve become more interesting than ever before.

 People who reserve tours with this tour operator can also make the most of its very unique rates for hotels & domestic air travels in Eilat and all the way through Israel, Egypt & Jordan. The finest hotel deals of this tour operator are kept aside for every tour participant.


Petra day excursion from Eilat:

Desert Tours has consistently been the most preferred choice for tourists to Petra & Jordan from Israel. All tours of are exclusively Desert Tours and this tour operator does not put its Petra tour customers collectively with any additional tour company. Making a reservation with this tour operator implies a premature launch for making it to & right through the border and evading the inevitable holdups that the additional companies face. In this way all clients of get around an hour head of touring Petra. The permanent Jordanian trip staff of this tour operator is picked by the company and they operate as per the guidelines of the company. Besides having the finest guides to explore the spectacular desert valley on Jordan Petra tour also uses the services of the top bus company of Jordan for greatest comfort during the route.

On the particularly hectic days those on mantis-tours- explore the spectacular desert valley on Jordan Petra tours are provided with supplementary guides. The participants are also divided into smaller clusters to guarantee a better-quality tour experience for all and sundry.

This tour operator operates a great assortment of Petra trips, among which the majority run on an everyday basis and the experienced staff of the company are committed to offering the finest possible trip to all visitors.

On the two-day Petra & Wadi Rum tours of this company a whole day is spent exploring the best parts of the impressive Wadi Rum  in 4×4 vehicles with air conditioning that are driven by the local staff of the company who speak in Bedouin English.

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Travel in style with the Mantis Tourism & Attractions Services

Petra is a beautiful archaeological park, often referred to as the grand rose red city! A Nabataean city located in Jordan’s south, Petra is home some breathtaking architecture that has faced the test of times. Even the ruins of the city define grandeur. A World Heritage Site (UNESCO) since 1985, Petra is now a thriving tourist destination of Jordan. If you are planning a visit, here is everything you should know about it.


Once a capital of Nabataean kingdom, Petra has been ruled over by the Romans, Saladin until the city lost itself to abandonment. The ruins of the city had stayed perfectly glistening and lost in time until Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, a Swiss explorer found the city almost two centuries back. If that didn’t titillate the explorer within you then here is a fun fact: Steven Spielberg used Petra among the several filming locations of the famed classic Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade! A Mantis Trip Petra is a must if you have seen the amazing Dr. Jones enjoying his adventures in this millennia old city.

Panoramic shot of the Monastery Ad-Deir in Petra, Jordan.

Entering the Petra is simple even if you are travelling from Israel. Mantis Trip Petra organizers ensure that all travel documents are taken care of if you cross border from Israel so the option is fairly safe. A sandstone canyon called the Siq which is around 2km gives entrance to the city. On your way in, you will see some beautiful minor carvings but the exquisite sandstone patterns designed on the walls are something that you should look forward to seeing. Some terracotta pipes from the roman times are still there.

Walking out of the Siq, you will be amused by the sheer beauty of the Treasury (al-Khazneh) which is among the city’s most grand structures. Local legend states that the urn at the top of the Treasury structure has a grand hidden treasure of a Pharaoh and the legend’s truth has often been tested by Bedouin settlements as the urn bears numerous marks. Next is the outer Siq which is also called the beautiful Street of Facades which is a vast canyon with several tombs lined on the adjacent sides.

Treasury temple at Petra (Al Khazneh), Jordan

As the street of Facades ends, there is the grand Roman Theatre with a seating capacity of 7000. While the Nabataean built the theatre, the Romans made sure that it was big enough to cater to the city’s populace. Little far from the theatre is the Royal Tombs which enjoy a certain element of mystery since it is still not known who the tombs were made for. The Monastery (ad-Deir) is really the show stopper when it comes to Petra’s grand architecture. The biggest carved monument that has been erected since 1st century AD, the Monastery has mesmerizing interiors. With around 800 steps that lead all the way up to the Monastery, it is among the most beautiful structures of the city.

Nearby, there is a city called the Wadi Musa so if you have some extra hours still left on your expedition then getting a view of the city from uphill will be great.


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Tours to Jerusalem – An Alternative Family Adventure

Among the most visited and revered cities of the world, Jerusalem is Israel’s top tourist destinations for its religious and cultural significance. Holy to the followers of Abrahamic religions, it is also among world’s oldest cities. Called the City of Gold, Jerusalem is a grand city with an exquisite blend of the first century with modern times. The picturesque neighborhoods, glowing office towers and urban high-rise apartments, all give a classy appearance to the city that has it all.


The walls along with the Old City are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the religious sites are visited by tourists from all over the world.

Tours to Jerusalem are organized by a vareity of tour operators who provide complete guided trips. The West Jerusalem area is now also called the New Jerusalem as it is the thriving urban-commercial center of the city. East Jerusalem is seen as the Palestinian capital by many. Me’a Shearim, the Jewish centered area of Jerusalem, has the appearance of a 19th century Russian town while German Colony is the place to be if you are looking for some great cafes.

Ancient Citadel inside Old City at Night, Jerusalem, Israel

Ancient Citadel inside Old City at Night, Jerusalem, Israel

With an array of wonderful sites, Jerusalem is extensively visited by people from all across the globe. The Mar Elias Monastery which is a Greek Orthodox Monastery is one of the headlining destinations. It has been constructed over Elias’ tomb and is quite famous for its religious significance. The Tantur theological center is another must see on Mantis Tours to Jerusalem. Next is the St. Simeon monastery which is located in Katamon neighborhood and is said to be St. Simeon’s once residence and burial site. The Ramat Rachel archaeological site is also famous as it has been said to be as old as the biblical times.  The Monastery of the Cross which has only walls all around and only 4 monks living as of now, it is another must visit. If you are in mood for some knowledge, the Israel Museum is place you should keep as a priority visit. The biggest museum in all of Israel, it is home to the “shrine of the book”, model of ancient Jerusalem , extensive sections hosting artifacts and other things of archeological and art significance.


The Garden Tomb lying at the Nablus Road is said to be the Calvary location and also where the tomb of Jesus lies. The tomb is situated in a beautiful, wide plush garden which offers a nice, quaint getaway from the East Jerusalem.

Another museum to visit while on your Jerusalem tour is the Palestinian heritage museum which is housed in a Palestinian building that’s almost 2 centuries old! With grand exhibitions on the culture, heritage and life of Palestine, the museum also has beautiful collections of dresses-Jewelry along with numerous artifacts.

If you fancy a nice walk then walking around the maze like streets of Yemin Moshe will be great.

It is not important to get a day long expedition as Jerusalem is a big city to cover so make sure that you stay ready with 2-3 days for some grand exploration.