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Discover Top Ten Travel Destinations of Israel

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A country with a vast cross-cultural existence would be a place of interest to visit. World’s largest Jewish state also has a large number of Muslims, Christians, and Druze. There are other minority communities as well. Israel mostly calling in tourists for religious purpose makes an important sector for the country’s economy. Other than the religious tourists, the temperate climate and beaches of Mediterranean and the Red Sea welcomes visitors for entertainment.

People tripping with some historical reference also love the city for its architectural carvings and biblical locations. The unique geography of Israel Petra tour holds another section of interested tourists. Israel having the highest number of museums in the world attracts people interested in the sculptural beauty.

Ten places of aspirations

Amidst the humdrumness of life, a mixture of entertainment and knowledge is always preferred. If you are planning an Israel Petra tour this summer, you can enjoy the trip with Mantis Tours who can give you a pleasurable vacation. Here are ten places that you cannot fail to visit.

  • Old city of Jerusalem:The resembled place for the Jews has some relics representing the oldest heritage in the world. The architectural beauty and the stories that the streets tell you are something worth a visit.
  • Masada:The second destination could be Masada which has a topographical significance. Located in the top of an isolated plateau, overlooking the Dead Sea again talks of historical evidence. However, its geographical location makes it different from other cities.
  • The Dead Sea:The next location could be by the dreaded name but the most entertaining place. The Dead Sea located in the Jordan Rift Valley is the highest saline whatever in the world. Unlike the name, it has many essentialities in human life.
  • YadVashem: A museum of remembrance of the victim of Holocaust. It got established in 1853 and took almost a decade for its making.
  • Tel Aviv and Jaffa: Tel Aviv and Jaffa could be refreshment after the Museum of Holocaust. The ancient port city attracts many tourists for its biblical associations. However, the sea is a relief vacation for many.
  • The Galilee and the Sea of Galilee:The Sea of Galilee is another beautiful place amidst the historical relevance.

  • Caesarea Maritima: The beauty of Caesarea Maritima lays in the juncture of a port a city together. Again an area of historical resemblance, the spot attracts many tourists.
  • Eilat:The next place, Eilat is immensely rich in aquatic mammals and famous for its Dolphin Reef. This southern port is a resort city on the Red Sea. This place is a luxurious one to pamper you.
  • Baha-i-gardens: The approaching garden within the historic relics and architectures gives the tourist another approach to the city.

Neighbouring visit

Other than these locations, a trip to Israel can also be planned along with a trip to Petra. This needs a prior booking with the tourist guide. As they likely help in planning the routes of the voyage. Petra is the Seven Wonders that can motivate you to pick your cameras anytime and fly off to get some wonderful snaps of the Nabataean culture.

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