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Visit Petra and Ride a White Arab Horse

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There are several local tours operators and among them is Mantis Tours. This is situated in Eilat and has a branch in Amman. This company is specialized in trips to Jordan, to Petra and to Wadi Rum.

The trips to these cities that we provide are certainly the finest option that you are able to make the several testimonials of our clients are proof of this.

What makes mantis tours stand out?

Our distinctiveness lies in the high degree of individual service that we present to our patrons, and the watchful attention to every little detail that makes a Petra Wadi Rum trip to perfect one and a grand experience. Our specialized delegate in Eilat, is going to pick you from where you are staying and present you seasonal fruits as a present and our specialized delegate in Jordan would be waiting for at the way in to the border and guide you to your specialized trip guide. After this you will go on the cautiously planned petra schedule that includes food and refreshments at premium restaurants and camps. Finally our Eilat representative will guide you back to where you have put after once the trip is over.

No visit petra is full without a visit to Wadi Rum, which is acknowledged for its astoundingly stunning country sides. You will be taken to Jabal Rum Bedouin campsite, which is among the greatest and finest Bedouin campsites in this city. You’re going to enjoy a hospitable juice, and an awfully tasty unique Bedouin dinner cooked underneath the sand. The best part of  such a tour organized by mantis tours is the daily night presentation in Jabal Rum camp. You can be certain for having gala time at this show! In Jabal Rum you will be staying in a contemporary tent having real beds and fresh sheets. The best part is that our staff is very welcoming. You are going to end your excursion with a safari in a jeep in the gorgeous landscapes that Wadi Rum has. By inserting a Wadi Rum excursion to your mantis-tours-Petra trip you get the finest returns on your investment.

You are invited to choose and reserve with us the finest excursion to these cities that fits you the most from the extensive diversity such tours that we provide. You are more than welcome to get in touch with us if you have any queries that you would like getting answered. Our squad of professionals is all set to help you out online, via email, chat and phone. You can also get in touch with us on Viber and WhatsUp.

Riding on a White Arab Horse in Jordan

A White Arab Horse ride in Jordan is what many visitors dream of. You will get this chance on our Two day visit to these cities starting from Eilat

On this trip you will be:

  • Picked from your Eilat hotel
  • Transferred to Petra
  • Provided with complimentary water while on the bus
  • Taken to Wadi Rum Viewpoints starting from the main thoroughfare
  • Let into Petra
  • Get the chance of riding atop a White Arab Horse for the initial 600 meters of this route
  • Taken on Extended guided excursion in Petra
  • Given Lunch at a advanced authentic eatery in this city
  • Transferred to Wadi Rum
  • Accommodated at any of the premium Bedouin camps in this place
  • And more

Author: Mantis Tours & Travel

Mantis Tours & Travel is a leading Israel tour operator, specializing in the planning, organizing and conducting guided tours in Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Our company employs highly experienced government licensed tour guides, and we offer tours in a wide range of languages. All of our vehichles are modern top comfort and air-conditioned - approved by the Ministry of Tourism.

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