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Tour Petra: Historical, Cultural and Mysterious journey

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None can ever imagine of a city back in the 6th century which resembled the modern trade centres. Yes this is true. This magnificent city of the Middle Eastern region of the world gives the essence of a civilisation formed in ancient period. Research work done in recent times proves that this city used to enjoy all those facilities back then which we enjoy now and some are still dreaming.

The red rose city – an architectural paradise

The red colours of the stone earned the nickname of “Red Rose” for this ancient city. Most of the architectural evidences found in this city are made with these red stones, from palaces to monuments. It was the capital of the Nabataea kingdom which had pre-dominance over the region for a very long time. The city was very much prosperous. The people used to lead a grand lifestyle. This give evidences that it was important centre of trade and trade from there actually flourished.

Travellers from every parts of the world come to visit this place and in the year 2007, UNESCO has also declared this place as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Many celebrities in their articles have also mentioned this place as a place to see before a man dies.

Fame lost and regained

This place has also got a painful history besides its glorious past. The city has once withstood a massive earthquake which ruined al its elegance and has also ruined the drainage system. Gradually this place lost its glory an inhabitants move out from there during the end of AD 1200. It was through a Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt the city again gained its lost fame in 1812. Since then many research works were carried out in this region and many excavation work started.

Tourists’ paradise

Travellers from various places around the world have shown interest in visiting this city. Restoration work took some time and now the city is completely open for tourist from all over the world. Mantis-tour petra is one of the best tour service available from Jordan. This tour agency conducts tour Petra in the most elegant manner compared to other local tourist companies of Jordan.

There always arises a query in mind that why this company is the best. This company has proved their work ethics and earned the fame. They focus on every segment and perform gracefully. They arrange the best vehicle available in Jordan for the tourists with AC facilities in each of them. They provide the tourist best hotels in Jordan along with the best foods from the restaurants. They also provide the best alternative when any traveller wants to stay in the tents. Bedouins dinners are must in their list. A single day tour to Petra becomes hectic for the tourist as it’s a whole day program. Travellers often opt for the two day programs and additional sites are also covered in their programs. They always request to keep the visa and passport with the travellers as this makes the more smooth to operate.


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Mantis Tours & Travel is a leading Israel tour operator, specializing in the planning, organizing and conducting guided tours in Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Our company employs highly experienced government licensed tour guides, and we offer tours in a wide range of languages. All of our vehichles are modern top comfort and air-conditioned - approved by the Ministry of Tourism.

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