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Book tours to Jerusalem and Bethlehem by Mantis Tour

People generally get scared when they come to know about a visit to Israel. It has been more than 1500 year different religious communities have fought for this holy piece of land. Political turmoil has also destroyed the harmony of the place. Tourists are never targeted by the terrorists. There are breathtaking monuments from the World War II memorial to biblical ruins.


Prior to Columbus, Jerusalem was considered as the center of the world. Jerusalem is the place for long standing war between three great religions. The city thus has been destroyed several times and was again rebuilt. This is a place for more than 30000 inhabitants. The place has a long Ottoman wall of 2 mile length. During the visit to this region travellers found that the place is prone to endless struggles. The city is divided into four sectors – Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim. But the glory and fanatics of the city does not lie within the old walls. Beyond these walls lies Jewish neighborhood Mea She’arim. The religious scene is a bit complicated for the tourist depending on their religion. Generally the Christians have a more indulgence for the Jesus tomb, on the other hand the Catholics prefer the Holy Sepulchre. The holy church of Sepulchre is situated on the summit of Golgotha, a place where Jesus Christ was crucified. Different types of religious communities run chapels like the Greeks, Armenians, etc. So, getting your hands on the best package of tours to Jerusalem is a must for all globe trekkers.


While walking through the walls of Jerusalem to Bethlehem, the tourists just need a passport. This is the place where Jesus was born. When tourists arrive here they find that Bethlehem has turned into a proper and leading city of Palestine. This town does not look pretty as the town is totally under the cover of security. This city has got a special force of energy and is mostly cool during the dusks. There is a colorful Arabian market. Though this is a pure Arabian city yet there is mix of Muslim and Christian culture. The Muslims consider Jesus as a prophet and Mother Mary is also very much respected. In Quran there is a special chapter written on them. The terrorists have also made their presence in this part of the word. But beside these controversies mantis-tours-tours to Jerusalem is always worthy.

The Tour

The tour company generally starts its tour by providing a splendid view of Temple Mount at the city of Jerusalem. Generally after completing the visit the tourists head towards the Kidron Valley for the view of this majestic Mount of Olives. There is also a church of all nations. To access the old city the tourist has to go through the Gate of Zion, passing by the Armenian quarters near the Byzantine Cardo. Afterwards the tourists continue through this Jewish Quarter. During the entire tour we come across the Christian Quarter alongside the Via Dolorosa, the Stations of the Cross and the church of the holy Sepulcher. After paying a visit to the Muslim market in the Muslim quarter the tourists head towards Bethlehem. Covering the Bethlehem the tourists returns back to the hotels.

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Book a Tours & Enjoy the Desert Adventures to Petra and Wadi Rum

A visit to Petra will never be complete if you do not stop for visiting the place Wadi Rum, best known for is gorgeous and exquisite landscapes. The tour operator will head you out to Jabal Rum Bedouin camping site, the best and biggest Bedouin camp of the place. The unique feature of the place is the welcoming drink and the delicious dinner which will be baked under the yellow sand (Zarb). The most significant feature of this tour is the night show hosted at the Jabal Rum camping grounds. The accommodation facility in the Jabal Rum will be arranged in modern tents with all the amenities. The beds provided within the tent are elegant and above all, most importantly – the trip guides are very friend like and have high command over various foreign languages. The tour generally ends with a ride jeep safari along the nature reserves of the place.

Making a selection of best tour operator is a must

Mantis Tours- Petra and Wadi Rum has a very high level of individual services that they offer and they never miss any minute details. They will never give you chance to complain on anything. This unique strategy of the tour operator makes the Petra and Wadi Rum tour a perfect and a wonderful experience. The tour operator provides a very attractive and unique rate in every sector ranging from hotels, domestic air fares, vehicles, food and even in the visa registration segments.

The official representatives will pick the tourists from Eilat and they will provide the best fruit of the seasons as a gift. The professional representative team waits in Jordan and they take the tourist for the guided tour. They take the tourist to the best restaurants and camps and they take a vital care in following the entire planned tour itinerary previously proposed to the tourist.

Professional skill of the travel agency

The tour offered by this travel agency is one of the best available options for every tourist. The main specialty of this agency is their method of conducting wonderful tours and previous experiences in this field. A booking with this travel agency will help you to keep yourself hassle free as the have professionals in every fields who generally deals with the documentation purposes and don’t make you worried.

The vehicles facilities

This tour operator deals the best in organizing Petra trips. This travel agency never makes huge groups. They generally prefer small sized group as it don’t look like a crowd. Trips are sent on daily basis. The vehicles are provided along with drivers who communicate in Bedouin English language. All the vehicles used by this agency for taking trips are air-conditioned as they use the service of top bus company of Jordan to offer best comfort during the tour.

Important notice

From 1st January 2016, it is mandatory for each traveller travelling to Jordan from Israel to make their visa well before time.This travel agency provides the cheapest rate and makes your tour economical. They also take care in arranging your visas within 2-3 day time at a very cheap rate.

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Get the best trip organiser for your Petra Wadi Rum visit

Petra Wadi was a beautiful ancient city in a valley that as was destroyed by natural and political forces. Very recently in the year 2007 Petra was declared as one of the Seven Wonders of the World by the UNESCO.

Even after going through various devastations the ancient city has been able to retain major parts of its architectural masterpieces. The relics and majestic palaces and hallways depict the glory of the ancient city of Petra Wadi.

Petra which was the capital of the Nabataea kingdom of Jordan was a prosperous trade centre during the 6th BC. In AD 663 an earthquake destroyed life, property and the city’s water system and even later after the conquest of Saladin in 1189 Petra got abandoned by its residents. The ancient city which was also called the rose red city due to the color of the stones with which it is constructed got discovered by the Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt in the year 1812. Since that time Petra has again come into the attention of the world and every year thousands of tourists and historians visit that place.

River canyon of Wadi Mujib in amazing golden light colors. Wadi Mujib is located in area of Dead Sea in Jordan

Trip mandates to Petra:

Various trip organisers conduct day tours to Petra Wadi Rum from the neighbouring cities like Jordan and Eilate. Always carry your passport since it is required while buying the tickets. The tickets to get inside the premise of the Petra city costs $ 127 however this is for the day tourists to Jordan i.e. the ones who will spend the night at Jordan after getting back from Petra. The overnight tourists and cruise riders pay $ 70 for a day’s access inside Petra. For two or three days’ visit it will become lesser actually.

However on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday there are special night safaris at Petra which only costs 17 JD. The safari starts from 8: 30 where the guides will light up candles all the way up to the treasury. Covering the ancient in one day will require you to give time from dawn to dusk so it is better to split the trip in two days where the ticket cost also becomes less.

Trip organisers to Petra Wadi:

If you are a tourist then it is better to go in groups or with trip organisers who arrange for everything from the transport to the food and recreation. Mantis Tours- Petra Wadi Rum trip will cost $ 185 for adults and $ 85 for children below 12 years. They arrange for comfortable AC buses that will pick you from your hotel and again drop you there after the visit. The buses have drinking water arrangements along with that they organise horse rides and lunch at a premium restaurant during your trip to the ancient city.

Be sure to enjoy the trip to Petra with a trip conductor who will take care of all the itinerary arrangements as well as guides to give you important historical information about the newly declared Wonder of the World.