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Unique and exclusive tours to Jerusalem

Importance of Jerusalem:

Jerusalem is considered to be the oldest city in the world. It is situated on a plateau of Judean mountain in between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea. This city with an infinite history has many stories to narrate to the world. Hence, this city is always an important point of concern be it politically or historically. Jerusalem is primarily famous for its religious connotation. It is equally known for its cultural as well as artistic venues. It is also famous for its religious pilgrims and tourism. In the past decades, Jerusalem has always been on the edge and facing the challenges of conflict between Israel and Palestine. This can’t stop travelers from exploring Jerusalem.

Mantis tour to Jerusalem:

Many tour operators are there to take you around Jerusalem. One among them is Mantis tours, an Israel-based tour operator and maneuver tour to Jordan, Egypt, and Israel. It believes in offering world class services to give its clients complete satisfaction and value for money. They claim to have the best pricing policy, efficient team of guides and best quality hotels and transportation to offer. They have many well-designed tours to Jerusalem. Some of the best Mantis tours-tours to Jerusalem packages are given below.

1)    One day tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem

2)    One day tour to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea

3)    One day tour to the Old City of Jerusalem

4)    Extended one day tour to the Old City of Jerusalem

5)    One day tour to the Old City and the New City of Jerusalem

6)    One day tour to Jerusalem in the footsteps of Jesus

7)    One day tour to the City of David and underground Jerusalem

8)    Half day tour to Jerusalem

9)    Christmas Eve in Jerusalem and midnight mass in Bethlehem

10)  Procession of Palm Sunday in Jerusalem

Things to do in Jerusalem:

1)    Tours to Jerusalem is divided into two parts mainly. Old city tour and new city tour! In the morning, the centrality of this old part of Jerusalem is covered.

2)    You will cross the Kidron Valley with a comfortable drive, viewing Garden of Gethsemane, Mount of Olives and the Churches.

3)    After entering the city from Zion Gate, you will be taken to the Armenian Quarter, Byzantine Cardo, Jewish Quarter, western wall, Christian quarters, station cross and finally to the Holy Sepulcher.

4)    In the end a visit to the Yad VaShem Holocaust Museum and then go for the new city part of Jerusalem.

5)    In the tours during Christmas times, you will be taken to Bethlehem to see Christmas decoration. Festive dinners are also offered.

6)    You will be taken near the Church of the Nativity Midnight Mass. You will be taken to the Bethpage chapel, Church of Dominus and Church of Ascension.

Mantis tours will take you to all the tourist spots in their extended tour packages. You should research well before exploring the city. See which tour operator covers most of the places and which are cost effective. You may clear all your doubts you have about Jerusalem and Israel from the knowledgeable guides from Mantis tours. Enjoy your stay in Jerusalem.