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Wadi Rum experience was just as incredible for me

Wadi Rum is a best place to visit. It’s a basically desert area and people may visit the entire place in a day. Most of the tourists stay here over the night and enjoy the desert adventure and they can also take a camel to visit the certain area. Here, you also get several tents of Bedouins and campus. You can stay in their tent or you can take from them mattress, pillow or other things in a rant. They also provide lots of information regarding the place and their old cultures and histories. So, if you want to enjoy your holiday, you can visit Wadi Rum in a day.

Overview about the Wadi Rum

If you are planning with your family to visit Petra Wadi rum, then you can search the internet properly. Presently, there are several online travel and tourism companies who offer only Petra, Jerusalem and Jordon tours. They provide different kinds of tour packages to their customers. If you check their website, you can find several options and guidance. You can check their blog site or web pages to know more details about their tour packages.


You’ll be mountaineering over dirty, sandy and rough ground so walking shoes are perhaps the premium alternative for this capacity. Because of exceptionally burning climate, it’s predominant on the off chance that you wear full sleeve dress; it will feel you more casual. Furthermore, carry sunscreen with you continually amid Petra visit. There are different tracks which lead climbers through the mounts and to delightful vantage centers like the Tall Place of Dupe. It’s an uncountable framework to center lesser-known shells like little Petra, and respect excellent and amazing rock signs. This is appealing, captivated Petra information that you fundamentally can’t miscue. As Petra is found in a valley, you’ll have to move to the uttermost compasses of Wadi Musa to grasp the sunset.

So, if you are looking for a reputed travel agent or company, then you can contact directly – Petra Wadi rum tour company. They provide several attractive tour packages to their customers. To know more details, you can contact directly to their customer care agents. They will solve your all the queries. They also plan tour as per your financial condition. Once you contact them, their expert employees will solve your all the queries and guide you to choose the appropriate package.


You can check their blog site to acquire complete knowledge regarding the Petra tour. And also, follow their social media sites like Facebook page, twitter, pinterest, google+ to get the updated news and attractive discounts and offer details. They also have skype facility. So, if you face any kind of problem, you can video call them and solve your all the queries. They also provide you an option, you can mail them. Just a click of the mouse, you can get them and fill up their online form and submit it. And within a few hours, you will receive complete information regarding their tour packages.

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Explore Petra with customized tour packages form Mantis Tour

The conventional town of Petra was exactly imprinted from the stonework and it is situated in southern Jordan. There the Nabataeans made wonderful graves and sanctuaries, houses and halls. What’s more, they construct a refinery that increased at the connection of the relic Near East, a norm for exchange as the investment habits and skill tracks of the time within and out went through Petra. This city is completely included with rose colored stone and they are delightfully cut out by the Nabataeans in the third century, BC. If you want to visit this beautiful place, then you have to search the internet and get the best result.

Overview about the Petra tour

There are various travel and tourism companies who offer attractive tours to Petra packages for their customers. If you are scheduling to Petra torus, then keep away from summer season because the place is very hot during this season. It’s better to holiday this historical place during autumn and spring. There are diverse online travel companies who give best and appealing Petra visits packages. Select a best tour package for you and your family and start to Petra trip. In case you wish, you can see this popular place in a day. Everybody has different views of historical spot affirmation: If you contribute six to seven hours, then you can visit its every single authentic place effortlessly. A complete day really is the best alternative in the event that you need to see all its verifiable places.


So, if you are looking for a reputed travel and tourism company, then you can contact directly mantis-tours – tours to Petra provider. They are one of the best travel and Tourism Company who offer different kinds of Petra tour packages online. You can check their website and their customer review section to acquire complete knowledge regarding their tour packages. They also offer packages as per your financial condition. They have several years of experience in this field. So, they can provide you always better service than other companies.


The most perfect way to deal with visit Petra city is, winged in from Amman Airport. Then again, to reduction cost you can take a taxi or transport from a plane terminal, despite it will take four hour generally to accomplish that place. In case you need to visit Petra first time, and after that it’s optimal to book a travel association along these lines, you don’t need to take any kind of strain. In no time, there are distinctive travel and tourism associations in the business; you can look moreover at the website.

Its vast, convolutedly imprinted facing and approach, seeing out over the close-by sales are striking. You require purchasing tickets before you go into this sanctuary. In the event that you require having some food, there are certain restaurants on location. So, if you want to visit this place, search the internet and choose the best travel company.

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Jordan is like a dream of visiting a fantasy land


There are several people who want to visit Jordon once in their whole life. It’s a place where people find several things that touch their heart. You can visit their culture, people, historical places, values, etc. You can visit Jordon throughout the any season. Once you visit the Jordon, you can find lots of crowds. First, you have to arrive Amman airport and then you can visit from their incredible Aijoun castle or Roman Ruins at Umm Qais. Umm Qais is a deserted place and you can take here some pictures very smoothly. There are several other places to visit at Jordon.

Overview about the Jordon Trip

If you are planning for jordan petra tour, then search the internet to get the best travel company. A best and reputed travel company will reduce your tension and assist you to enjoy your holiday smoothly. It’s a great place to visit and explore the things. You and your family enjoy lots after visiting all the beautiful places in Jordon. During Jordon tour, you can also visit Petra. It’s a beautiful place and you can visit Petra in a day.

Petra is always developing on those top travel records, the main ten destinations to find in your lifetime. Furthermore, it’s another seven wonder of the world. Jordan is truly simple and not very rich to visit. There’s hotel running from tented locales to five-star resorts, there’s top notch open passes on or it’s anything but difficult to drive yourself. What’s more, the populace of Jordon, Petra is truly friendly.

Presently, due to the tough competition in the market, each and every company offer some attractive offer and discounts to generate more clients. So, people may confuse to whom they choose. But if you are looking for a reputed travel company for your tour, then you can contact directly mantis-tours – jordan petra tour provider. They provide several tour packages at reasonable prices. If you check their website, you can find lots of information regarding their services. They also have positive client feedback which you can check.

You can check their website and their customer review section to acquire complete knowledge. Furthermore, if you have any doubt regarding their services, you can call their customer care service department. They have strong customer care service. If you have any doubt regarding their service, you can call them to ask any query. Their expert employees will solve your all the queries.

All the travel and tourism organizations offer diverse Petra visit packages for their customers. The most well known packages are similar to, two day visit Petra; One day visit Petra and night visit Petra and so forth. The best time to visit this spot are spring and autumn on the grounds that that this time the temperature is less high and the swarm will be not precisely other season. You can get a ticket from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm in the mid year and in the winter season; you can purchase a ticket from 6.00 am to 4.00 pm. To keep away from group, you can visit this spot late evening and early morning.

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10 Things should be on your travel bucket-list

Are you planning to visit Middle East? If yes, then you shouldn’t forget adding Jordan to your traveling list. When it comes to traveling to Jordan, you aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of Petra City. This ancient city is home to lots of mysterious things. Do you want to unveil the mystery of this world’s most mysterious city? If yes, then you shouldn’t waste your time and start preparing for your journey.

When it comes preparing for an amazing trip, you need to take lots of things into consideration. If you don’t want to end up with a frustrating journey, you need to include 10 things into your travel bucket-list. Let’s have a look at what you need when you visit Petra.5

1 – Air-tickets

You aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of air tickets as it is the first item that helps you reaching a desired tourist location. Thus, you shouldn’t forget including this item to your travel bucket.

2 – Outfits

Since you are going to stay in a country with different climate condition, you need to choose outfits accordingly. For instance, if you reside in a country with cold climate condition, you should be ready to cope with scotching heat.

3 – Medicine

While traveling to Petra, you shouldn’t forget keeping a few medications. In case of emergency, you can use these medicines to fight against potential diseases.

4 – Know Locations

Before making a final decision, you must first grab adequate information about the locations. Here grabbing information regarding locations simply means collecting information about various routes, local streets and pathways.

5 – What Are the Attractions?

You must create a list of top tourist attractions in the city. With the help of this list, you can be able to manage everything. For this, you can take help from internet.xdcfhnb

6 – Local Currency

While visiting this ancient city, you will surely love to shop for local handicrafts. You would surely like to buy items that will remind you about your trip to Petra city. For this, you need to have local currency. So, don’t forget including this important point to your travel bucket-list.

7 – Do You Need a Guide?

While preparing a list to safe journey, you must evaluate whether you need a guide or not. If you need professional help, you can consider local guide to help you rediscovering this mysterious city.

8 – Local Language

It is often found that most of the tourists find it difficult to communicate with local inhabitants. Therefore, you must also include this point to your travel preparation list.

9 – Luggage

You aren’t supposed to imagine about a journey without luggage. You must assess your luggage needs. It is better if you can reduce your luggage.

10 – Travel Operator

Now come to the concluding point i.e. determining a travel operator. If you find it difficult to arrange travel needs yourself, you need to look for professional help. A reputed tour and travel agency can arrange everything for you. You can visit Petra through Mantis Tours to spend your vacation.

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10 Things I Wish I’d known before visiting Petra, Jordan

Do you love visiting a sandstone city with mysterious locations, rocks and organic locations? If yes, then you need to visit Petra. This ancient, mysterious town is situated in the Southern part of Jordan. It is considered among the most visited tourist destinations in the Jordan. Once you enter into the mesmerizing world of Petra city, you won’t like to come back. You will love exploring the stunning beauty of this exclusive city.

During your Jordan Petra tour, you don’t want to cope with bad experience. You would like to enjoy a hurdle-free journey in a city with great archaeological significance. Here, we’ll discuss 10 things that you wish you had known before visiting Petra, Jordan.


1 – Forgotten Civilization  

The first and certainly the most important thing that you wish to know about this ancient city is forgotten history of an unknown civilization. The city has remains of a civilization dated back to 1st century. It is certainly a great experience to rediscover something, which is buried in the history.

2 – Sandstone City

However, there are lots of sandstone cities available to visit but visiting this mysterious city offers a distinct traveling experience. You aren’t supposed to relive the joy that you have grabbed here.

3 – Treasury

When it comes to visiting Petra, you aren’t supposed to underestimate the importance of treasury. The location is said to have treasure of Pharaoh.

4 – Rocks

Are you looking for an adventurous location to rejuvenate yourself? If yes, then climbing the big rocks in and around the city can be a distinct experience.

5 – Unveil the Nomadic History  

The city is believed to be constructed by a Nomadic Arabian tribe around two thousand years ago. This Arab tribe is said to be very brave and laborious. They established this magnificent city to lead a happy and prosperous life.

6 – Know the Unknown

There are lots of ancient buildings, temples and other structures available that should be unveiled. While visiting Petra, Jordan, you can be able to know about the unknown.

7 – Archeological Significances

Do you want to unlock value of archeology? If yes, then this is the city that you need to explore. The city is known for its archeological significance throughout the world. This world heritage tourist city has something special to attract visitors towards it.

8 – Peace of Mind

Do you want to get rid of your usual hectic lifestyle? If yes, then Petra tour is the best option to go with. Visiting this ancient city can help you getting rid of psychological trap.

9 – Non-Islamic Culture

Do you want to know about the non-Islamic culture? If yes, then you need to visit this exclusive town with lots of mysteries.

10 – A Natural Life

The harsh climate conditions in the region help you understanding the importance of natural life. Do you want to lead a natural lifestyle? If yes, then Petra can help you great in this concern.


By choosing Jordan Petra tour by Mantis Tours, you can be able to unlock the mysteries of a mysterious city.

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Trip Petra – How to Choose Best Tour & Travel Company

Are you looking for Jordan tours? If yes, then you mustn’t forget including Petra city to your list. This ancient city is world-renowned for its forgotten civilization, history, architecture, various buildings, temples, and many other monuments. Visiting this most visited town in the reign can help you rejuvenating yourself. If you are tired or looking for peace of mind, you need to choose this city to enter into a mysterious world to relive the unknown history.

Now, you must want to know how to visit this beautiful city. The best answer to this question is to avail services of a tour and travel company. Since there are tons of travel agencies available that you may often be confused on determining a right company. A right travel agency can make your trip Petra a memorable experience. But before choosing a right travel package, you first need to choose a right travel services provider. Confused? So, let’s check out stated below significant tips on how to choose the best tour and travel operator.

tours-to-petra (1)

Check Out Market Value

Before finalizing a travel company, you first need to check out its overall market value. You need to assess its overall reputation in the industry. You are not supposed to choose a company with bad market reputation. If you do so, you may have to repent on your taken decision. Obviously, you will never want to regret on your decision. Therefore, you are highly advised that before making a concluding choice, you first need to go through previous work record, success rate and services of your chosen tour and travel agency.

Do They Offer Affordable Tour Packages?

Without any doubt, you will never like to choose a service that you can’t be able to afford. The same rule applies when it comes to finalizing a tour and travel services provider. Therefore, you are highly recommended that before making a concluding decision, you first need to confirm whether your selected services provider offer affordable tour packages or not.

Here affordable tour packages doesn’t mean that you will have to cope with lower-quality of travel services, but it means that you will be given world-class travel amenities at most reasonable expenses. Make sure the company you choose should be known for arranging cheap trip to Petra city. This way, you can be able to save a good amount of money even without compromising with the services.


Offline Vs Online

There are two choices available when you decide to choose trip to this ancient city – first online and second offline. Choosing an offline option i.e. local tour operator isn’t a bad decision, but if you are looking for exceptional services, you need to choose an online tour operator. There are plenty of choices available when it comes to availing services of an online tour and travel company, but you need to choose a right one.

In concise, if you follow aforementioned tips, you can be able to choose the best tour and travel company such as Mantis Tours that offers trip Petra services.