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Israel Petra Tours: A Trip that is Insightful and Inspirational

Well, if you love to visit different historical places, then you may visit Petra! It is a place that includes world heritage places and different Nabataeans culture and buildings. Every month more than thousands of tourist visit these places. Several tour companies offer different packages for Israel Petra tours. Basically, for Petra you need almost two days to visit all the sites and comfortably enjoy the place, food and the environment!

How to choose a best travel organization?

Presently, each company design its website in a way so that every visitor gets some information about their products and services. In addition, due to tough competition most of the companies provide attractive offers to their customers. Therefore, it is quite tough for a person to decide to whom they will choose. So, always check the website properly and their customer feedback section, in order to get the best result. Also, if you wish, you can call their customer care services section to acquire more knowledge about their services. So, if you are looking for a reputed travel and Tourism Company for a Petra tour, then you may contact directly mantis-tours – Israel Petra tours at affordable prices.

Overview about Petra tour

You can select between a one-day, one-day and a half or two-day tour, or three days Israel Petra tours. You can either go in a group, or take a private tour. Utilize our online reservation structure to secure your spot on any of the voyages through Petra from Israel. Generally, when you are visiting Petra with a travel company, you do not need to be tense for anything. They will provide you hotels, transport and food. Once you reach Petra, your tour company will provide you a guide who will provide you all the information about the history of the different points of interest. Moreover, always remember to take a camera with you, because there are various opportunities you get to click!


There are various places that you have to visit while you are at Petra, like Petra world heritage site, the Treasury, the Monastery, the Siq, the high place of sacrifice, etc. The world heritage sites are a must see.  If you can walk or if you wish, you can take a horse ride to see the place, because that the place is huge. You need to walk long to see the complete portion. In addition, you have to buy tickets to visit the place. The price of the ticket is little higher as per tourists.

Also, it is better to carry some dry foods and water with you because there are very few shops available in the market, and you only get from them snacks, chocolate, etc. The price of the products is really higher than the other part. So, if you carry some dry foods, you don’t need to purchase from here.


So, choose a company and select your budget and as per your budget, your tour company will arrange for you a tour package and with that you visit the Petra!

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Incredible views of Petra and Wadi Rum

Experience the amusing history, natural and cultural beauty of Jordan on these two to three days Petra and Wadi Rum tour. Most of the tourists prefer this tour as because the duration of the tour is short and you can enjoy this historic place smoothly. The tour is fully guided, with transport to and from Eilat, and lunch is also included. This area of Jordan is quite remote and mainly unfriendly to a stable life. The only perpetual populaces are numerous thousand Bedouin wanderers and villagers. There is no actual substructure, departed the area quite unspoilt.

How to visit Wadi Rum!

Wadi Rum is a small alternative route from the Desert Highway among Aqaba and Amman. The place is beautiful and best for taking pictures. Its red solid rocks and small mounts attract more people. Most of the buses that travel between Petra and Aqaba should be able to drop you at Wadi Rum, or you can take a private car also. There are various travel and tourism companies that offer Petra and Wadi Rum tour packages for one or two nights at affordable cost. You can make a short trip and enjoy this beautiful place.


If you want to visit Petra alone, then you can also get to Wadi Rum by holding any minibus/bus from Aqaba bus station directed to Amman. However, it is always better to visit Petra with a tour company, because they will guide you and provide you all facilities that you need during the journey. You don’t need to be tense for any reason. If you want to visit Petra with your family, then you may contact directly mantis-tours – Petra and Wadi Rum at affordable prices. They also provide you a guide who will explain the entire historic story behind that city. They also provide you a tour as per your budget. They have strong customer care agent who will solve your all queries.


Generally, most of the tourist company will offer same services like after depart Jerusalem early on the first day; they begin three days packed occupied of remarkable sites and skills. First arrived at the northern Sheikh Hussein border, then cross over and initiative through the lush hills of northern Jordan, in the vision of the antique Ajloun Castle known for being one of the scarce castles able to fend off numerous Crusader bouts. So, visit this beautiful place and enjoy your holiday!