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Visit Petra and let your dreams of visiting one of the most ancient cities come true

Petra, the ancient Rose-Red City, is full of history and heritage going back to 312 BC and a visit makes your dreams of traveling back in time come true.

A visit to Mexico and South America gives you glimpses of the Inca and Aztec culture. A trip to India gives you a glimpse into the fabulous lifestyles of kings, and a unique culture that is so different from Western traditions. China is a different experience too. In these places, there is continuity between the old and the present. Rarely will you come across a heritage site that is lost in time and is the repository of not just one but several cultures. The rare place is Petra in Jordan. Known as the Rose-Red city due to the unique pink coloring of its rocks, Petra predates history and finds mention in the Bible. Visit Petra to know of its roots in antiquity.


Just north of Petra is an ancient site that is said to date back to 7000 BC. The Exodus in the Bible mentions that Petra and the place was populated by the Horites followed by the Edomites. The existence of the Tomb of Aharon, the brother of Moses, supports Biblical references. Petra appears under the native name of Rekem in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Moses is said to have struck the ground, and brought forth water in the nearby Wadi Musa. The Nabataeans came much later, around 312 BC, and established a settlement that made it famous for being a center of trade, and a unique water collection and storage system, the remnants of which can be seen today when you visit Petra. The Egyptians and Syrians came there, as did the Greek.

Visit Petra and you will know about its ancient lineage now surviving in the form of tombs, temples, monasteries and the theater said to have been inspired by the Roman Coliseum. The Romans established a footprint there in 106 AD to be followed by the reign of the Byzantine Empire and then the Arabs took over around 600 AD. Petra is pure history, as you will find. In just one place, you will find temples dedicated to ancient Gods, references to Allah and the Byzantine Church. The Monastery, built around the 1st century, is a gigantic structure towering up into the mountainside and it was dedicated to Obodas the God. If you dreamt of going back in time to all those wonderful civilizations, Petra is where your dreams come alive in one place. Your Petra visit would be enlightening and enriching beyond measure.

You visit Petra and the Sandstone rock cut tombs, the Obelisk Tomb, the Silk Tomb and the Street of Facades prove to be reminders of the past glories of this wonderful city. A visit there is not just ordinary travel. You travel in time, imagining life as it used to be down the centuries


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Visit Petra-the Red Rose and Wonderful City of the Earth

Petra has obtained its name as the olden Red Rose city, which is assumed to be 9000 years older, as recommended and revealed by individuals of prehistoric inhabitance. The city Petra was missing to the western earth in anticipation of and it was found again on the 1812 via a Swiss traveler that is Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. The Petra city has recently become the worldwide Heritage and wonderful place of tourism in the world.

sdfcssYou will find lots of interesting structure in the city of Petra, which are slashed from the minerals of stun rock faces similar to incredible Monasteries. It surely gives an exclusive experience to people willing to stay in this olden city, which had probably been declared over Scrolls of the Dead Sea while the town of Rekem. In any case, Petra is a far-fetched accomplishment of primeval human being society in the district.

When you browse the internet to find websites related to visit Petra city guided by Mantis Tourism & Attractions, you will be able to trek easily by finding details with the help of relevant sites. This is a 9-day trip, where you have to arrive at the Amman on your first day and stay in Petra on the fifth day of your tour. An optional trip package can be available from companies of Israel. Moreover, make a note of this travel permit to the Jordan should be acquired earlier than reaching to the Israel.


When there are 2 ways or alternatives to move towards or visit Petra, make sure to identify that you will be walking on an adventurous yet inspirational air, even you remained unfamiliar with the place or pass into the strange city. The question is that whether you want or not want to stay in Jordan because it deceives on an unsteady region adjoining Israel. Jordan is often identified as the Jordan Kingdom of Hashemite that is positioned in and the northern part of Peninsula Arabian. The country divides its boundaries through the east via Syria, the Iraq and the Saudi Arabia, while on the west by Israel and the south in between Saudi Arabia. A little element of the southern border cleans through the waters of the Red ocean.

Jordan is the division of Christian hallowed Land; consequently are positioned in most places, which is joining with processes explained in different books of the old and latest Bible of the Covenant Christian. Therefore, the tour of the Petra is very amazing and the wonderful for you.