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Through a lightning-jolt formed opening, Petra advertises itself with planned show. The immense veneer of the Treasury, definitely cut into the delicate sandstone, towers over the youthful Bedouin men, camels and stray felines that gather at its base.

Mantis Tours offers you to tour Petra, so you can get to know the city exceptionally well. The style showed in Petra was a mess of impacts assimilated along their exchanging routes. Nowhere is the scale of their aspiration more obvious than at Petra’s greatest landmark, the Monastery, cut profound into the mountainside. It is not difficult to envision the hours of etching and cutting that went into its creation. Actually, arriving at the Monastery obliges work – it sits at the highest point of an 800-stage rock-cut way, after the course trod by the dependable when this was a position of love.


In Petra’s prime, around the time of Christ, the city had been anything besides nameless. Home to by most accounts 30,000 individuals, whose survival in this desert scene was kept up by a complex arrangement of water administration, it was the focal point of a kingdom four times the extent of present day Jordan. At its steerage were the Nabataeans, an once-traveling Arab tribe who had utilized their information of the desert to gather boundless riches in the band exchange, most lucratively that of frankincense and myrrh.

The Treasury’s excellent building was an announcement of their riches, sending an effective message to tired merchants developing through the Siq, yet was basically an unfilled shell. Manufactured as a tomb for a Nabataean ruler, its misnomer ‘the Treasury’ originated from the conviction that the urn cut into the focal point of the second level held concealed gold. The vessel is scarred with shot gaps, confirmation of past endeavors to reveal the legendary abundance.


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Visit Petra That Is One of the Seven Wonders of the World

A traveler can unravel the treasures of Jordan by planning a trip to Petra. The dramatic landscape around Petra will enthrall the visitors. The charm of this ancient city is mesmerizing. The Red Rose city of Petra is often referred to as one of the seven wonders in the world. Since 1985, it has been recognized as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The sight of the meandering tracks and the sculpted rocks is an enchanting spectacle.

xdcfhnbPetra by night

Visiting Petra in day light is an enchanting experience for any traveler. However to catch a glimpse of the city by night will be a breathtaking experience for you. To catch sight of the ancient city in the light of 1800 candles will be an out of the world experience for all vacationers. You will enjoy walking on the candle-lit path which meanders from the Siq to Kahzneh during the Petra tour. To add to the adventurous mood Bedouin music will fill the air at the Treasury.

An adventurous stay

An adventurous traveler will enjoy trekking to the highest point in Petra tour provided by The climb up to the shrine of Prophet Aharon will be an exciting expedition. The climb will take around 2 to 3 hours. A stay at the Ammarin Bedouin camp will be an unforgettable experience for the vacationer during the Petra tour. You can explore the entertainment choices, which include Bedouin music, dance and sumptuous local cuisine. The camps are equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay to the guests.