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Why You Must Experience Petra Tours At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Indeed, some of the destinations are more prized than the others. As an avid traveler, you will not like missing out on those. So long, you might have heard stories, read travelogues or seen movies about the must-visit destinations. But now that you are all set to see and experience things for yourself, you must be charged up and excited. It is one thing to have a second-hand experience, but yet another to see and feel things for you. After visiting the world heritage destination, that finds itself juxtaposed between both the seas, you will realize why the Hellenistic epicenter is so special to visit and explore.

Unique for its carved features

As you undertake the Petra tours, you will find yourself transported into another world. The historically significant archaeological destination is famous for its rock carvings. The proverbially popular Rose City is supposed to have been carved out of the rose-colored rock. While some of the structures have been made by man, the city fascinates visitors and tourists with its red rock curved constructions. The UNESCO makes it a point to impeccably preserve features which have been carved out of the red and rosy rock, way back in the ancient past.

Tours To Petra

Tours To Petra~ Mantis Tour

Taking guide is advantageous

It is once in a lifetime experience to explore the Treasury that finds itself located in the well-known canyon. The Petra Tours provided by the Mantis Tours, are supported by the well-informed guides. So, even if you are visiting the archaeological destination, for the very first time, you will not lose out on the relevant pieces of information. You may be making your way through the Roman ruins, or having an exciting time climbing up the massive monastery, all along your journey; you will be guided and supported by the professional guides.

Glimpse into the significance

You have the option to explore the ends and alleys of this spectacular place, by yourself. But then, you will not understand the legendary significance of each and every rock carving. As you travel along the Siq and find yourself in the Archeological Park, you should not only see the splendor that had contributed to the making of the elaborately carved archways but also glimpses into the history that lies behind. It is here that having the support of a trained guide makes a big difference. You can have an enjoyable time and an enriching experience reminiscing and recounting the historical significance of this ancient city.

Ancient temple of Petra, Jordan

The Treasury In Petra Jordan~ Mantis Tour

Ride hike cook and enjoy

If you are fond of riding, you will have a whale of a time riding horses, camels, and even donkeys. You will find Bedouins accompanied by their animals, waiting to help the tired travelers. In fact, as you travel from the Siq to the Grand Canyon, you can hire a horse so that you don’t have to walk all the way down to the point where the Treasury is located. If you have three to four hours to spare, and if you are adventurous, you won’t mind hiking your way through the trail.  In the eateries and restaurants, you can discover your flair for cooking. That’s because these joints give you the opportunity to try out your culinary skill. You get the necessary guidance to toss up a typical Jordanian platter.

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Catch the Wave of Travelling To the Unique Destination Of Petra

Petra had been a favorite spot for travelers since long. Bu the wave of being viral as a tourist spot happened a couple of years back when it was declared to be one of the proud members of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World. Ever since this has taken place, the bookings for tours to Petra have gone up tremendously. Catering to this demand many travel operators have also set up their businesses that are specializing in the petra travel packages. It is seen that millions of tourists are travelling to Petra during the season periods. If one does not have prior accommodation bookings, he will face severe trouble in finding place to stay.

Has a rich heritage

Petra was built by the Nabateans, a group of Arabic nomads who had settled down at this place. They were responsible for mobilizing the trade and commerce activities in the region. The city of Petra had become the epicenter and served as a major destination for carrying out commercial activities from the Far East nations and the Western countries. The rich past of Petra is the pull factor even to this date that brings in people here. The entire city has been sculpted from rocks and this is the most unique feature of this city.

The city attractions at Petra

Petra is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is being properly maintained to showcase the rich past of the region. Once you enter the city you will be awe-struck to see the towering stone structures. The views become even more defying at night time. The tourists are taken by the tour operators like Mantis Tours & Travel as a part of petra travel during night time to see the city. The paths are lit up by thousands of candles and they present an eerie feeling that cannot be described. You can have a different impression of watching the rock structures during the different facades of the sun at varying hours of the day.

Taste of Bedouin culture

Do not miss out the adventures that you can have on a camel safari that will take you all around the city. The camel rides will also take you to the wilderness outside the city from where you can get a view of Wadi Rum. If you feel like, the camel ride can be taken to Wadi Rum where you can get a feel of the ethnic Bedouin culture that is still prevalent to this day. Spending a night at the Bedouin camp and tasting the local cuisine can be experiences of a life time.

Cherish the memories

The trip to Petra will be a rich experience that you can proudly show off to your friends. After all, it is one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World. Try collecting the mementos that speak out of the local culture and the Bedouin touch. But you should plan it out well in advance to avoid the rush and any sort of inconvenience.

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The Must Know Features of Petra and Wadi Rum

Petra is the major tourist attraction in the nation of Jordan. It is situated 1430 km away from Amman, the capital of the country. Petra has become a proud member of the modern 7 Wonders of the World. The footfall to this place has increased significantly due to this.  The city of Petra was set up by the Nabateans, a group of Arabic nomads. They were highly laborious and had carved this city out of sheer rock. The entire credit for the culture of this place goes to the Nabateans. They had set up the placer as an important destination for trade and commerce in the ancient ages.

Get amazed by the striking beauty of Petra

You need the see the striking features of Petra and be awed. Unless you see it, you will simply not believe it. The entire city has been constructed from the rocks through carving. There are huge structures created from the rocks which may seem frightening at night. To get the full effect of the beauty of the city, you need to see the city during the different hours of the day. The views at night present a totally different feeling of eeriness. There are numerous tombs that present an absurd feeling and the place really takes you back in time machine to the ancient days.

Combine Wadi Rum tour with Petra

The tour to Petra is incomplete without visits to Wadi Rum. There are reliable tour operators in this country who conduct the joint petra and wadi rum tours. You can avail the packages they offer. Wadi Rum is around 2 hours away from the city of Petra. It is the valleys in Wadi Rum that are the main attractions of the tourists at this place. On reaching here, you get the flavor of the Bedouin culture. It is really interesting to spend a night at the Bedouin camps where you can spend the evening and night with experiencing the Bedouin styles of life. You will get authentic Bedouin cuisines at these places. The special Bedouin dishes are really delectable.

Try a customized tour package

You should try to avail the package tours of Mantis Tours & Travel for your petra and wadi rum tours. The combined tour will be pocket friendly and you will also not have to take the trouble of the arrangements yourself. They will also readily arrange for a customized package in case you do not prefer their pre-deigned packages. They will take care of you right after landing in the country till you are seen off.

Make your journey memorable

When you are Wadi Rum and Petra, you should collect some of the artifacts prepared by the local artisans. They have the Bedouin touch. They can serve as excellent mementos not only for you but also as sweet gifts for your loved ones. Camel safaris can be an exciting experience where you can go around the entire city and the outskirts on a camel. There options of balloon ride for getting to see the city from an aerial distance.

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Discover Top Ten Travel Destinations of Israel

A country with a vast cross-cultural existence would be a place of interest to visit. World’s largest Jewish state also has a large number of Muslims, Christians, and Druze. There are other minority communities as well. Israel mostly calling in tourists for religious purpose makes an important sector for the country’s economy. Other than the religious tourists, the temperate climate and beaches of Mediterranean and the Red Sea welcomes visitors for entertainment.

People tripping with some historical reference also love the city for its architectural carvings and biblical locations. The unique geography of Israel Petra tour holds another section of interested tourists. Israel having the highest number of museums in the world attracts people interested in the sculptural beauty.

Ten places of aspirations

Amidst the humdrumness of life, a mixture of entertainment and knowledge is always preferred. If you are planning an Israel Petra tour this summer, you can enjoy the trip with Mantis Tours who can give you a pleasurable vacation. Here are ten places that you cannot fail to visit.

  • Old city of Jerusalem:The resembled place for the Jews has some relics representing the oldest heritage in the world. The architectural beauty and the stories that the streets tell you are something worth a visit.
  • Masada:The second destination could be Masada which has a topographical significance. Located in the top of an isolated plateau, overlooking the Dead Sea again talks of historical evidence. However, its geographical location makes it different from other cities.
  • The Dead Sea:The next location could be by the dreaded name but the most entertaining place. The Dead Sea located in the Jordan Rift Valley is the highest saline whatever in the world. Unlike the name, it has many essentialities in human life.
  • YadVashem: A museum of remembrance of the victim of Holocaust. It got established in 1853 and took almost a decade for its making.
  • Tel Aviv and Jaffa: Tel Aviv and Jaffa could be refreshment after the Museum of Holocaust. The ancient port city attracts many tourists for its biblical associations. However, the sea is a relief vacation for many.
  • The Galilee and the Sea of Galilee:The Sea of Galilee is another beautiful place amidst the historical relevance.

  • Caesarea Maritima: The beauty of Caesarea Maritima lays in the juncture of a port a city together. Again an area of historical resemblance, the spot attracts many tourists.
  • Eilat:The next place, Eilat is immensely rich in aquatic mammals and famous for its Dolphin Reef. This southern port is a resort city on the Red Sea. This place is a luxurious one to pamper you.
  • Baha-i-gardens: The approaching garden within the historic relics and architectures gives the tourist another approach to the city.

Neighbouring visit

Other than these locations, a trip to Israel can also be planned along with a trip to Petra. This needs a prior booking with the tourist guide. As they likely help in planning the routes of the voyage. Petra is the Seven Wonders that can motivate you to pick your cameras anytime and fly off to get some wonderful snaps of the Nabataean culture.

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How Jordan Is Trying To Reassure Tourists: Exploring Petra, Wadi Rum

Every day we get to hear about attacks and shootings all around the country. Newspapers were flooded with attacks in Israel, Iraq wars; law issues in Iran, etc. have made a psychological impact on people against Jordan. Recently, Siberian political issues are in the limelight. Jordan is surrounded by Egypt, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is therefore very natural for tourist to avoid the location as a vacation due to the issues of the neighbouring countries. Jordan, for some years, have been neglected as a tourist spot.

Suffering to meet both ends

Thinkers have pointed out that mishaps are unfortunate and can have no destination to happen. If you flip through the pages of a newspaper, you can find gun shootouts on any peaceful location. Business people from Jordan say that they are suffering to meet their ends as tourism is suffering greatly due to their neighbouring countries. They claim that Jordon has no attacks as they have one of the most powerful armies. But, tourists disregard the fact. It is like that safe place centring a ring of fire. But, governments have started working on welcoming tourists. Rather, after Petra was nominated as one of the Seven Wonders, travellers began to explore parts of Jordan.

Ways to boost tourism

On exploring Petra, some traveller had pointed out that the place was something like living history in the present. His version on visiting Jordan was more like having a brilliant climax with a poor start. Jordan has around six million people among whom many are refugees, but tourists are not taken to those places. The government has taken up few measures to encourage tourists. They are:

  • The government has enrolled trained guides for the traveller. They guide the tourist to plan their trip as they know the places well.
  • They have started ignoring visa fees and discharged departure taxes.
  • They ensure visitor safety in has strengthened their army to resist attacks.
  • They made sure that the refugees were kept separate from the main tourist places.

With all these steps taken, the government tries to improve the statistics of being a safe nation. This policy was the only strategy; Jordanian government could do for recalling tourists back to Petra and Wadi Rum.

Propaganda through media

Writing in magazines and online travelogues were another way to reassure tourists. However, the travellers who have already been to these places have helped a lot in instigating others to be sure for the Jordan visit. Petra, the rose city, reveals some extraordinary architecture, while, the land of Lawrence has some different history to share. Viewing them can only be some accomplishments for the fellow visitors. The cultures of Nabataeans and other religions that existed shared some intense knowledge of integrity.Moving with this propaganda Mantis Tours have initiated tourists to pack their bags for Petra and Wadi Rum with their exclusive travel packages.

No exaggerated portrayal

Finally, you may feel that writing magazines and exempting airport taxes were just the promotion. To be honest, anything written in these places will be less in comparison to the beauty of these locations. There are practically no words to describe their inherent natural glamor. The promotion is just to ensure tourists that they are safe. But, to be unfortunate if this present rate of statistics followed for next few years, Petra can no longer retain as the Seven Wonder.

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ISRAEL CITIES: Interesting Historical Facts

With the Mediterranean Sea and magnificent architectures for company, Israel happens to be another dream destination for avid travelers. From the historical cities to heritage sites, Israel is highly popular for its unique destinations and spectacular locations. If you are planning your vacations and looking for the most exciting destination, Israel will provide you with plenty of options to give it a shot.

Apart from anything else, it’s the historical and scenic Israeli cities enthralling tourists the most. Each of these cities has a unique and exceptional historical background, which makes them even more interesting to visitors.

In this blog, you will develop a rough idea of the historical legends associated with these locations and how they transform the entire tour experience into a highly enriching, satisfying, and fulfilling affair!

Catching glimpses of the historical background

Israel bears witness to some of the most remarkable historical incidents. The country has stood the test of time by undergoing massive changes right after World War II. With such a rich cultural heritage, the country has all that it takes to attract numerous tourists across the world. Here are some of the culturally and historically rich Israeli cities along with their special attractions.

  1. Jerusalem

Jerusalem happens to be the first name that comes to your mind when it boils down to immersing yourself in incredible Israel. With biblical references, this particular city offers a piece of Israel’s history. Ardent tourists and avid travelers will get to know a lot about world history by paying a visit to these destinations.

  1. Nazareth

Another historical city in Jerusalem, Nazareth exudes the quintessential Middle Eastern charm. From sites such as ‘Church of Annunciation’ and St. Joseph to Capernaum, Nazareth happens to be a historical entity in itself.

Associating with top tour operators will be all that you need. With targeted, personalized, and well-developed Israel petra tours, they will provide ample opportunities for fun and enjoyment to travelers.

  1. Haifa

With the magnificent beauty and breathtaking appearance of Haifa, tourists will have the most memorable and remarkable experience. Whether it’s the Baha Gardens or the ‘Shrine of the Bab’, there is simply no denying the magic created by these innumerable historical relics. Haifa is also home to German settlements. The presence of these settlements will transport you to the bygone era.

  1. Acre

Located at the northern-most tip of Haifa, Acre is another notable name in this list of historical cities. Quite like the other Israeli destinations and cities, Acre happens to be a perfect combination of scintillating beauty, fantastic ambiance, and a rich cultural and historical heritage.

If you wish to develop an idea about this place, associating with highly renowned tour planners will be the best thing to do. Choosing the Israel petra tours offered by Mantis Tours is all that you need to do.

Final word

Tours at Israel can turn out to be highly engaging, exciting, and entertaining if you build associations with the right tour partners. Mantis Tours will take you back in time, thus providing crystal clear insights into its rich historical heritage.

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Visit The Land Of Spirituality And Culture Along With Petra

Tourism brings the largest chunks of income for Israel. The country of Israel has a huge number of sites which have immense importance in relation to history, heritage and religion. It has been found as per statistics that highest number of footfalls are found in Western Wall and the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. Jerusalem is the city which has maximum number of tourists. The largest chunk of tourists belongs to the US followed by other European countries. The country of Israel has the most Holy city in the world-Jerusalem which is considered sacred by people of three religions-Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Get a combined punch of Israel and Jordan

If you are travelling to Petra, the major tourist destination in Jordan, try to include Jerusalem in Israel in the itinerary. Try to get the most out of the israel petra tours, which will be an excellent blend of spirituality, culture and history. In Petra you will get to see a city entirely engraved from rocks with mammoth structures with towering heights which are bound to leave you bewildered. Petra has a rich history of more than 2000 years. The area was developed through the settlement of an Arab group of people wanderers by nature. They brought immense development of the region. They were responsible for the flourish of trade and business and turned the region as a major business hub. Petra used to serve as a trade link between the eastern countries.

Leverage the expertise of tour operators

Popular tour operators like organize exquisite israel petra tours,which has their branches both in Israel and Jordan. As an outsider you may face difficulties in organizing the tour program in different locations. You can very well take the assistance of thee experienced tour operators for setting up your program. They will not only arrange your travels, but they will take care of your each and every activity at Israel and Jordan. They will provide comfortable accommodations for you along with delicious food.

Feel yourself blessed at Jerusalem

Along with Petra, when you combine your tour package with Jerusalem, you get good value for money.  Jerusalem is an ancient city and it is divided into the Old City and New City. You get to see how modern culture coexists along with ancient traditions in the same city itself. There are huge modern apartments and also ancient mansions which tell the story of the by-gone era. The old city of Jerusalem has obtained the prestigious tag of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Millions of pilgrims visit Jerusalem every year. It is the religious tourism which is the main contributor to the tourism economy of the country.

Take the best from this tour

If you are planning for a visit to Petra remember to combine it with Jerusalem tour. Consider it as a lifetime opportunity. Petra is a member of the New Seven Wonders of the World group. Have pride in declaring that you have visited such a prestigious site. Israel too promises to give you an insight into the ancient history, heritage and immense spirituality. It can be guaranteed that you will cherish this tour for the rest of your life.

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